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Mt. Lebanon Platform Tennis Association


In addition to our dues-paying members, we would like to offer a special Thank You to the following donors. Without the help of your generous contributions, this project would not have been possible.


$15,000 & Above

$3,000 - $4,999

Michael & Michele Diven*

Nathan Herring*

Don Gavett & Family*

Scott Kahler

Paul Lang

Chip Cope

Brian & Renee Kelly

Kirsten Rydstrom

Terri Gollinger

Michael Katz

Nora & Emily Anderson

Julie Vuillemot

$250 - $499

Bill Conaway

Tom Drucis

$10,000 - $14,999

$1,000 - $2,999

Ryan Carlstrom

The Conway Family

Chris Howell

Peter Filipczak

Brad Byrom

Steve Reich

Dean & Mollie Gannon

Alfie Watterson

David Brooks

Geoff Kasse

Ajay Khurana

Kara Monocello

Tyler Noland

Jim & Nora Nealon

Pete Maher

Dana & Mike Mackey

Dr. Stephen Bailey

Dan Caste

Barry D'Andrea

Kelly Lynn

Michael Colangelo

Don Schaub

Letha Yonan

Richard Sunseri

Katie Nicolotti

Jeff Zahren

Dan Cain

Artie & Lori Baran

Meghan Scichilone - Howard Hanna Real Estate

Katie Skocic - Hoodridge Design

Robert Constantino

Maureen White

Mike Blehar & Beth Evans (Mt. Lebanon Community Fdn.)

Andy Dykstra

Phil Duvall

Matt Gillespie

Matt Mole

Matthew Spence

Bryan Barret

Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation

Women's Tops n' Tails

Men's Tops n' Tails

$5,000 - $9,999

Reed & Kate Kovalan*

Ted & Eileen Ford

Jay & Ingrid Meenen

In Memory of Judi Lerach (Lerach & Gannon Families)

$500 - $999

Matthew Rogers

John Schaefer

Andrew Girard

John Nichols

Friday Paddle Group - 

(Tom Woodyard, Tom Tuchnowski, Mark Susco, Tim McCarty, Dale Killmeyer, Dave Jancisin, Nate Herring, Scott Hagy, Bill Carver)

Additional thanks to the following contributors:  Dan Caste, Don Gavett, Brian & Renee Kelly

* Denotes MLPTA board member

Mt. Lebanon Platform Tennis Association

10 Jonquil Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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