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Player Spotlight - Greg Simakas

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Name: Greg Simakas

Home Club: North Park

Division: 2

What is your paddle of choice?

Viking Re-Ignite Lite.

How long have you been playing paddle?

Ten years....I know it’s hard to believe I still have no serve.

What is your favorite part of playing paddle?

Critiquing other paddle players while sitting inside the hut. The game is easy. How do people make so many unforced errors.

Your greatest paddle strength?

My ability to trash talk on the court...especially given my mediocre skill set.

What is your best paddle memory?

Any match I can win with Greg Green as my partner is memorable.

Have you seen his game? He’s horrible to play with.

What do you enjoy when you’re not playing paddle?

Cooking. I think hosting the food for our matches is the only reason I’m invited back.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Didn’t know there was such a thing.....but if you have any suggestions I’m all ears.

What advice would you give to beginners?

If you are in a close match call a foot fault on your opponent. This will rattle them. Also if you reach over the net to hit a ball or touch the net these are self reason to point these out, it’s hard enough winning. And finally always, always remember if you are not sure of a line call remember this motto “When in doubt call it out”


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