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This is the Spin Max version of the Vector paddle


Scientifically designed with the help of an aerospace engineer, the patent pending Spin Max design provides the additional spin you are looking for, with consistency off the face.


The Vector paddle falls into the sweet spot for most players who desire an oversized paddle. It comes in at 355g with a perfectly even balance point. Not too head heavy and not too head light.

This allows for the power that a heavier paddle can provide at the baseline while still being easy on the arm and able to quickly move while volleying at the net. 

Like all Xenon paddles, the standard features are:

  • 18" length
  • 4 1/4" grip size
  • 6 1/2" grip length
  • Medium core
  • Anti-vibration construction to reduce arm/elbow pain

Xenon Vector Spin Max Paddle

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