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Player Spotlight - Anna Mitina

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Name: Anna Mitina

Home Club: North Park

Division: 1

What is your paddle of choice?

Viking O-Zone Lite.

How long have you been playing paddle?

On and off for 4 years.

What is your favorite part of playing paddle?

Being outside.

Your greatest paddle strength?

I think returns and lol waterfalls

What is your best paddle memory?

My first Tournament last year. Nationals. I had an amazing time and learned a lot.

What do you enjoy when you’re not playing paddle?

I love working out, reading, and traveling.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Not really.

What advice would you give to beginners?

Be patient to finish the point. Learn to be comfortable on the screens. Don’t take big swings, the court is too small for that.


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