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Player Spotlight - Kate Kapanowski

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This week we shine that spotlight on Kate Kapannowski. Check out Kate's responses to our Player Spotlight questions.

Name: Kate Kapanowski Home Club: North Park Division: 1

What is your paddle of choice? I currently use the Wilson Steampro but am not picky. In fact, I had one of my best wins using a paddle I borrowed from the hut since I forgot mine at home.

How long have you been playing paddle? Five seasons. My parents played when I was young but I hated it then.

What is your favorite part of playing paddle? Getting outside and active in the winter and socializing with some of the coolest women I know.

Your greatest paddle strength? Probably my backhand drive or willingness to be on top of the net when someone is about to drive it right at me.

What is your best paddle memory? The three President's Cups I have played in were all so much fun!

What do you enjoy when you’re not playing paddle? I like to run, read, and be adventurous with my 4 kids and husband.

Do you have any pre-match rituals? Peanut butter and banana are a must!

What advice would you give to beginners? Learn to use the screens by playing as much as you can.


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